Justice - Cross TKRMX

"Cross" TKRMX by TKRMX

01 Genesis [50 Cent - Straight to the Bank]
02 Let There Be Light [3-6 Mafia & UGK - Sippin on Sizzurp]
03 D.A.N.C.E. [Beanie Siegel - Dance With Me Remix & Beastie Boys - Body Movin]
04 Newjack [Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco - Touch the Sky]
05 Phantom [Lil Wayne - Fireman]
06 Phantom II [Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push]
07 Valentine [Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin']
08 Tthhee Pparrttyy [3-6 Mafia, Youngbuck, 8-Ball & MJG - Stay Fly]
09 DVNO [Pitbull - Go Girl]
10 Stress [Eminem - The Way I Am]
11 Waters of Nazereth [Kanye West - Jesus Walks]
12 One Minute to Midnight [RZA & Method Man - NYC Everything & Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm]

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Malice (Clipse) + Zelda 64


Clipse - Mr. Me Too
Kojo Kondo - Zelda 64: Great Fairy Fountain


Tae K + R0ckstar + V + Air Jaw

A couple of my buddies (Justin and Alan) and I put some verses over the "Bring Me Down" beat and changed it up to "Break Me Down". There's no real theme with what we did, but it sure was fun. This marks my first attempt at rapping though... maybe we'll do more of these.

DOWNLOAD Break Me Down mp3:

DOWNLOAD Bring Me Down (Original Piano piece by R0ckstar):

I remember the times when life was just shockin me.
pick me up and show hypocrisy.
Its like a wall, just standing there blocking me.
With nothing to do, except pary for God to be
And i don't know why but I'm scared.
And now my heart is under repair.
Makes you wonder if love and peace
were ever something to exist.

Break me Down.
Break me Down.
And my life around.
It just takes the best of us and breaks it down to none.

Break me Down (down)
Break me Down (down)
How you like me now?
you thought i was crazy then, listen to me now.

So I had once defined
a clear dividing line
between mad and fine.
So I could then go find
at what point I lie
on this graph of mine.
The results were not too kind.
One could see, empirically
that I'd lost my mind.
Specifically in between,
psycho and delirious.
why so fucking serious?

Sit back and remember
being a member of this chapter.
When the girls were faster.
And we spent out days in the sun saying
fuck the world, and raising the guns.
Our dream deferred, like a raisin in the sun.
But I dont shrivel I shine, like the rays of the sun.
Now I gotta, move with swagger, swift as a dagger.
Move on from this chapter, to climb the ladder.
Its now or never
For worse or for better
I determine my worth, going for the cheddar.
Cause life only comes once, its dont come twice.
So get your motherfuckin hand up and fight.
I aint getting my bread, I'm getting that rice and.
hit you hard on the mic like Tyson.
to the red black and white i swear loyalty
Even if you deploy me you can never destroy me.


50 Cent, Eminem, Lloyd Banks + The Strokes

50 Cent, Eminem, Lloyd Banks - You Don't Know + The Strokes - Reptilia

Dead Prez + Mega Man

Dead Prez - Hell Yeah + Mega Man - Fireman Stage

Blackalicious + Sonic the Hedgehog

Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way + Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone


DMX + Mega Man

DMX - Get it on the Floor + Mega Man - Snakeman Stage



Tae K + R0ckstar

Last year, my friend Boyd AKA R0ckstar picked up playing the piano. He would practice in the piano rooms at our school's music department, and take his laptop to record his practice sessions. He played some of the recordings back to me, and we talked about how cool it would be to turn them into some beats...

These are a couple of tracks i did with his recordings back then. They're pretty rough and incomplete, but i thought i'd post them anyways b/c some people i know were asking about them. I always wanted to go back and develop them some more, but i got lazy... The original recordings were done with a laptop mic, so the quality isn't too clean... but it makes the tracks grittier and that much cooler :)

Track 1 (Linkin Park - What I've Done)
The original track is Boyd playing his own piano version of Linkin Park's "What I've Done". You'll hear the original recording kick in at the end.

Track 2 (Bring Me Down)
The original track is Boyd's piano version his other friend's original song "Bring Me Down" (which was a guitar/rock song). So I guess that makes this a third derivative?...

Track 3 (Untitled)
This was an original piece arranged by Boyd. I think he said it was what he played to practice scales.


Skee-lo + Black Eyed Peas

Skee-lo - I Wish + BEP - I Where is the Love?



Notoious BIG + Mega Man

Biggie Boss Battles [Gimme the Loot, Suicidal Thoughts, Going Back to Cali]




These are some tracks that were going to be on Soulmates 2, but didn't make the cut for whatever reason. Thought I'd share them anyways. You might like some of them. Go to the zshare links to download the mp3s.

Beastie Boys - Triple Trouble + Street Fighter 2 - Chun Li Theme

Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha + The O'Jays - Backstabbers

Jay-Z - Jigga That Nigga + Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

Yung Joc - I Know U See It + Led Zeppelin - Ramble On

Nas - One Mic + 28 Weeks Later - Running from the Infected

Young Dro - Shoulder Lean + RATM - Born of a Broken Man

Rich Boy - Throw Some D's + Frou Frou - Breathe In


Lil Wayne + Wizards and Warriors 3 - A Milli TKRMX

DOWNLOAD "Lil Wayne + Wizards and Warriors 3 - A Milli TKRMX"

Lil Wayne - A Milli +
Wizards and Warriors 3 - Game Over Theme

The original beat for A Milli is so great, so the remix has to do Lil Wayne's flow justice. Wizards and Warriors 3 was released on the NES in 1992.


Lil Wayne & Birdman - Like My Daddy TKRMX

Lil Wayne & Birdman - Stuntin Like My Daddy + Green Day - Brain Stew. It's a classic Green Day riff, but I thought Lil Wayne and Birdman match the unquantifiable "swag" in the song. You can get the track from Soulmates 2 here: http://tkrmx.blogspot.com/2008/07/soulmates-2.html

Lil Wayne & Birdman - Stuntin Like My Daddy

Green Day - Brain Stew


DFB + The Hives - Lean Wit It TKRMX

DOWNLOAD: "DFB + The Hives - Lean Wit It TKRMX"

DFB - Lean Wit It Rock Wit It

The Hives - Hey Little World



I Gotcha Too

This is a remix of Lupe Fiasco's "I Gotcha". It samples a track from the Nintendo 64 (NINTENDO 64!!!!!!) game Tetrisphere called "Sappy". The new track is titled "I Gotcha Too"... clever no? You can find it on Soulmates 2.

Original "I Gotcha" video

Original Tetrisphere song


Soulmates 2

Soulmates 2 by TKRMX2

01 State of Emergency: Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got + Daft Punk - Face to Face
02 Candy Girl: D4L - Laffy Taffy + The Killers - On Top
03 Kick Push or Die: Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push + NES Skate or Die Theme
04 I Gotcha Too: Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha + N64 Tetrisphere - Sappy
05 O I Think They Like Me Too: DFB - O I Think They Like Me Remix + Air - Mer Du Japon
06 ROCean Boys: Jay-Z - Roc Boys + Ocean's 11 - 7.29.04 The Day Of
07 Once Upon A Time: Ludacris - Gossip Folks + Piero Umiliani - Crepuscolo Sul Mare
08 The Queenpin: Common - Testify + Ocean's 11 - Stealing the Stock
09 You Got It Like That: Pharrell - Can I Have It Like That + Cafe Drive Music - Track 9
10 Oh Yeah Girl: Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl + Daft Punk - Oh Yeah
11 Transformers
12 We Don't Play That: 50 Cent - What Up Gangsta? + CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings
13 Like My Daddy: Lil Wayne & Birdman - Stuntin Like My Daddy + Green Day - Brain Stew
14 Knuck If U Buck: Crime Mobb - Knuck If You Buck + The Hives - It Won't Be Long
15 Drink N 2 Step: Cassidy - My Drink N My 2 Step + Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance
16 Moment of Silence: Nas & Quan - Just a Moment + Led Zeppelin - All of My Love
17 Prison Break: Eminem - Til I Collapse + Postal Service - This Place Is A Prison + Beastie Boys - Rhymin & Stealin
18 BREATHE: Fabolous - Breathe + Telepopmusik - Breathe


Cover Art by Doomz AKA Eyebone AKA Master Fulcher


Song Cry and Encore TKRMX

To get you prepared for American Gangster TKRMX, these are two Jay-Z remixes i did a while ago. They're both on "soulmates" and you can d/l them individually here:

Jay-Z + Daft Punk - Song Cry TKRMX
DOWNLOAD: http://www.zshare.net/audio/104073000c58ddbf/

Jay-Z + Nujabes - Encore TKRMX
DOWNLOAD: http://www.zshare.net/audio/10407203be4e19ec/


Up Next

one of my favorite things about james bond movies was that at the end of the movie, after all of the credits have run through, they give you the title of the next movie. They say something like "James Bond will return in ______".

so, in honor of that, I thought I should give you my next project:

"Tae K's American Gangster" - beats inspired by "Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Song of All Time"


Mega Man Mixtape

Mega Man TKRMX by TKRMX2

01 TITLE [rick ross, young jeezy, jay-z - husslin remix]
02 STAGE SELECT [nas - warrior song]
03 FLASHMAN [lupe fiasco - pop pop]
04 SKULLMAN [memphis bleek - like that]
05 BLIZZARDMAN [outkast - b.o.b.]
06 TOMAHAWKMAN [soulja boy - crank dat]
07 ELECMAN [50 cent - a-yo technology]
08 GUTSMAN [ciara - 1, 2 step]
09 GET A WEAPON [cassidy - bboy stance]
10 CUTMAN [beastie boys - looking down the barrel of a gun]
11 QUICKMAN [beastie boys - intergalactic]
12 WINDMAN [kanye west - we major]
13 DR. WILY [lil scrappy & young buck - money in the bank]
14 ENDING [young buck - shorty wanna ride]





Soulmates by user2749993

01 Encore pt. 2: Jay-Z + Franz Ferdinand
02 On Fire: Lloyd Banks + The Killers
03 Round 1 (One Blood): The Game + SF2: Ken
04 Round 2 (I'm a Hustla): Cassidy + SF2: Guile
05 Stay Fly: 3-6 Mafia + Metal Man
06 Dust Man (Mr. Me Too): The Clipse + Dust Man
07 Diamonds: Kanye West + Air
08 The Life is Hectic (C.R.E.A.M.): Wu-Tang Clan
09 Mom's Music (Interlude 1)
10 Kryptonite: Purple Ribbon All-stars
11 REC Room: Inspectah Deck
12 Song Cry: Jay-Z + Daft Punk
13 Aruarian (Encore pt. 1): Jay-Z + Nujabes
14 Dance! (Champloo Intermission)
15 Heads Up (Get Back): Ludacris
16 So Seductive (Candy Shop): 50 Cent
17 Nasty Boy: Notorious BIG + The Strokes
18 Made You Look: Jadakiss + Ludacris + Nas + Franz Ferdinand
19 WAMPWAMP: The Clipse + Franz Ferdinand
20 What You Know?: T.I. + The Arctic Monkeys
21 SexyBack: Justin Timberlake + The Vines
22 Stunt 101: G-Unit + The Postal Service
23 2-Interlude: Kno + Prefuse 73


The Broke Album


1 P.S.A. (sample from RATM - Calm Like a Bomb)
2 99 Problems (sample from Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze)
3 Threats (sample from Ike & Tina Turner - No More Doggin)
4 Change Clothes (sample from Metallica - Sad But True)
5 Encore pt. 1 (sample from Nujabes - Aruarian Dance)
6 The Allure (sample from Minmi - Who's Theme)
7 December 4th (sample from Metallica - Master of Puppets)
8 What More Can I Say? (sample from Nujabes - Reflection Eternal)
9 Encore pt. 2 (sample from Franz Ferdinand - Auf Achse)

This is my version of Jay-Z's Black Album. I made this mixtape a couple of years ago (2004?) when everyone and their mothers were coming out with a Black Album Remix. There's no theme to it really... some Metallica... some Nujabes/Samurai Champloo... some other stuff, but it was really fun to make. hope you enjoy it!




Mega Man TKRMX [mixtape]

i'm finishing up the Mega Man mixtape. check back here daily, i plan to upload a new track every day until i run out... forcing me to put this whole mixtape out. like the cover?

SUNDAY: FLASHMAN [lupe fiasco - pop pop]
FLASHMAN mp3 download here:

MONDAY: BLIZZARDMAN [outkast - b.o.b.]
BLIZZARDMAN mp3 download here:

TUESDAY: ELECMAN [50 cent - a-yo technology]
ELECMAN mp3 download here:

WEDNESDAY: WINDMAN [kanye west - we major]
WINDMAN mp3 download here:

THRUSDAY: SKULLMAN [memphis bleek - like that]
SKULLMAN mp3 download here:

FRIDAY: DR. WILY [lil scrappy & young buck - money in the bank]
DR. WILY mp3 download here:


RIP Aruarian Encore

so, after 145,670 views my video for Aruarian Encore got shut down by youtube for copyright infringement. that sucks.


Nas & Quan + Led Zeppelin - Just a Moment TKRMX

Nas & Quan - Just a Moment + Led Zeppelin - All of My Love

i did a series of remixes with led zeppelin samples a while back, then i found out about "american zeppelin" by dj doc rok, and felt like he beat me to the punch. regardless, here's one of them. i personally like my "all of my love" sample better... but i'm definitely biased ;) maybe i'll do videos for the other ones.

Nas & Quan + Led Zeppelin - Just a Moment TKRMX

Original Just a Moment

Original All of My Love

THE ROCean BOYS (roc boys TKRMX)

made this remix for fun. my friends and i always talked about how badass those horns are in the oceans 12 movie, and when i saw this video for "the roc boys" it just gave off that same suit-wearing, casino lounging, too cool for school feel of the ocean's crew. i must say that i'm a little proud of the punny title as well... check out the end of the song too. "bring them horns back".


"The Roc Boys"

"7/29/04 Day Of"


Cassidy + Kings of Convenience: My Drink N' My 2 Step TKRMX

i got a new remix of cassidy - My Drink N' My 2 Step. The beat uses a sample from "I'd Rather Dance" by kings of convenience. its way different from the original swizz beatz beat, but i hope you guys still dig it. kings of convenience have some really chill stuff.

tae k - my drink n' my 2 step TKRMX

cassidy - my drink n' my 2 step (original)

kings of convenience - i'd rather dance



ah i've created a blog strictly dedicated to my music. i'm new to blogger, so i'm still figuring out how to make my page badass... i guess nobody uses xanga anymore eh? Does anyone know a good free file hosting service? i'm looking for somewhere to upload all of my stuff so people can download the mp3s for free without having to register or download any programs. if you know of something, leave a comment!


thanks to everyone who digs my music and all your nice comments on youtube. i'm gonna post something new in the next couple of days. i promise.