Tae K + R0ckstar + V + Air Jaw

A couple of my buddies (Justin and Alan) and I put some verses over the "Bring Me Down" beat and changed it up to "Break Me Down". There's no real theme with what we did, but it sure was fun. This marks my first attempt at rapping though... maybe we'll do more of these.

DOWNLOAD Break Me Down mp3:

DOWNLOAD Bring Me Down (Original Piano piece by R0ckstar):

I remember the times when life was just shockin me.
pick me up and show hypocrisy.
Its like a wall, just standing there blocking me.
With nothing to do, except pary for God to be
And i don't know why but I'm scared.
And now my heart is under repair.
Makes you wonder if love and peace
were ever something to exist.

Break me Down.
Break me Down.
And my life around.
It just takes the best of us and breaks it down to none.

Break me Down (down)
Break me Down (down)
How you like me now?
you thought i was crazy then, listen to me now.

So I had once defined
a clear dividing line
between mad and fine.
So I could then go find
at what point I lie
on this graph of mine.
The results were not too kind.
One could see, empirically
that I'd lost my mind.
Specifically in between,
psycho and delirious.
why so fucking serious?

Sit back and remember
being a member of this chapter.
When the girls were faster.
And we spent out days in the sun saying
fuck the world, and raising the guns.
Our dream deferred, like a raisin in the sun.
But I dont shrivel I shine, like the rays of the sun.
Now I gotta, move with swagger, swift as a dagger.
Move on from this chapter, to climb the ladder.
Its now or never
For worse or for better
I determine my worth, going for the cheddar.
Cause life only comes once, its dont come twice.
So get your motherfuckin hand up and fight.
I aint getting my bread, I'm getting that rice and.
hit you hard on the mic like Tyson.
to the red black and white i swear loyalty
Even if you deploy me you can never destroy me.


Nightmare - << Alan >> {airjaw said...

damn, that song is awesome!

Javelin said...

good stuff guys!


Anonymous said...

download link is dead :[

Robert Richard said...

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