Soulmates by user2749993

01 Encore pt. 2: Jay-Z + Franz Ferdinand
02 On Fire: Lloyd Banks + The Killers
03 Round 1 (One Blood): The Game + SF2: Ken
04 Round 2 (I'm a Hustla): Cassidy + SF2: Guile
05 Stay Fly: 3-6 Mafia + Metal Man
06 Dust Man (Mr. Me Too): The Clipse + Dust Man
07 Diamonds: Kanye West + Air
08 The Life is Hectic (C.R.E.A.M.): Wu-Tang Clan
09 Mom's Music (Interlude 1)
10 Kryptonite: Purple Ribbon All-stars
11 REC Room: Inspectah Deck
12 Song Cry: Jay-Z + Daft Punk
13 Aruarian (Encore pt. 1): Jay-Z + Nujabes
14 Dance! (Champloo Intermission)
15 Heads Up (Get Back): Ludacris
16 So Seductive (Candy Shop): 50 Cent
17 Nasty Boy: Notorious BIG + The Strokes
18 Made You Look: Jadakiss + Ludacris + Nas + Franz Ferdinand
19 WAMPWAMP: The Clipse + Franz Ferdinand
20 What You Know?: T.I. + The Arctic Monkeys
21 SexyBack: Justin Timberlake + The Vines
22 Stunt 101: G-Unit + The Postal Service
23 2-Interlude: Kno + Prefuse 73



Anonymous said...

you have an amazing talent. keep it up and i hope you get big

Andrew said...

you are incredible, thank you for putting this up.

AJ said...

Thanks for posting those incredible mixtapes!!!!
Keep up the good work!! Im sure you are going to become big.. You have talent for sure :)

PoemBlogger said...

u rock , keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hey. the links broken. besides that youre awesome ha

Anonymous said...

yo i really like your stuff, but the link's broken. Any chance you could reupload one?

Anonymous said...

I found it! It looks spectacular, so download it while you can -


found at http://tae-k.xanga.com/612615613/item/

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KelvinWade said...

What happened to the early works tape? I loved that one the most not to say I don't enjoy all your works

bleggs said...

If you're not aware, a lot of your music isn't hosted for streaming anymore, or available for download. I wanna listen to more of your stuff!