I'd Rather TKRMX [3-6 mafia & dj unk + joker x mgs3]

I'd Rather TKRMX by TKRMX4

3-6 Mafia - I'd Rather ft. DJ Unk
Joker - Snake Eater




Clipse - Pussy ft. Pharrell
Benga - Night ft. Coki


Make It Hot TKRMX [wiz khalifa + the beatles]

Make It Hot TKRMX by TKRMX4

Wiz Khalifa - Make It Hot
The Beatles - In My Life


TKRMXtuesday vol. 1

01 Da Funk TKRMX pt. I [daft punk + pitbull flo rida dj laz]
02 Da Funk TKRMX pt. II [daft punk + ti & bun-b]
03 Airplanes TKRMX [muddy waters + eminem]
04 Bed Intruder TKRMX [eminem + mike penny & antoine dobson]
05 Camera Phone TKRMX [game + lady gaga]
06 Flashing Lights TKRMX [kanye west + lady gaga]
07 Replacement Girl TKRMX [drake & trey songz + daft punk]
08 Diamonds On My Neck TKRMX [lil wayne, twista, swizz beats + ella fitzgerald]
09 Heavy Hitters TKRMX [kanye west + 311]
10 Money Maker TKRMX [ludacris + the office]
11 Victory TKRMX [puff daddy, notorious big, busta rhymes + super smash brothers melee]
12 BMF TKRMX [rick ross & styles p + street fighter II]
13 Police State TKRMX [dead prez + sublime]
14 Black & Yellow TKRMX [wiz khalifa + justice x franz ferdinand]
15 I'm Beamin TKRMX [lupe fiasco + mario 64]
16 Like a G6 TKRMX [far east movement + daft punk]
17 Breathe and Stop TKRMX [q-tip + smashing pumpkins]
18 Wishery TKRMX [pogo + kanye west]
19 I Can't Wait TKRMX [ol dirty bastard + mayer hawthorne]

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121 Dance Party Alternate Version

i had originally started the 121 dance party mix with these songs, but then decided to go in a different direction midway through putting this together. might have revisit the stereo love tho...

Jaime Foxx - Unpredictable ft. Ludacris
Rihanna - Only Girl

Kanye West - Workout Plan
Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano

T.I. - Whatever U Like
Edward Maya - Stereo Love