RIP Aruarian Encore

so, after 145,670 views my video for Aruarian Encore got shut down by youtube for copyright infringement. that sucks.


Nas & Quan + Led Zeppelin - Just a Moment TKRMX

Nas & Quan - Just a Moment + Led Zeppelin - All of My Love

i did a series of remixes with led zeppelin samples a while back, then i found out about "american zeppelin" by dj doc rok, and felt like he beat me to the punch. regardless, here's one of them. i personally like my "all of my love" sample better... but i'm definitely biased ;) maybe i'll do videos for the other ones.

Nas & Quan + Led Zeppelin - Just a Moment TKRMX

Original Just a Moment

Original All of My Love

THE ROCean BOYS (roc boys TKRMX)

made this remix for fun. my friends and i always talked about how badass those horns are in the oceans 12 movie, and when i saw this video for "the roc boys" it just gave off that same suit-wearing, casino lounging, too cool for school feel of the ocean's crew. i must say that i'm a little proud of the punny title as well... check out the end of the song too. "bring them horns back".


"The Roc Boys"

"7/29/04 Day Of"