N.R.B. Mini-Mixtape

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01 Wonder Girls - Nobody perf. by Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco
02 Big Bang - Lies perf. by Bow Wow and T-Pain
03 Big Bang - Last Farewell perf. by R. Kelly, T.I., and T-Pain
04 2NE1 - Fire perf. by 50 Cent, Young Buck, and Nicole Scherzinger
05 SNSD (Girls Generation) - Gee perf. by Jay-Z
06 2NE1 - I Don't Care perf. by T-Pain and Yung Joc
07 Big Bang and 2 NE1 - Lollipop perf. by Kanye West and Lil Wayne

This is my tribute to current K-pop (Korean Pop Music) and Noh Rae Bang (Karaoke Bars). What would it sound like if i went to a Korean NRB with a whole bunch of rappers, and just fucked around with the songs in the machine? What? Lil Wayne did his version of Lollipop over the Big Bang/2NE1 version of Lollipop? Kanye rapping to Wonder Girl's Nobody? That's crazy.



x Lean Back TKRMX
x Sensual Seduction TKRMX
x Drop It Like It's (so) Hot TKRMX
x Buck In Here TKRMX
x Break Ya Ankles TKRMX


cornell the shinobi said...

your bringin back hella memories!!!

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Anonymous said...

i know it's been a while since these were released but this was an awesome idea. loved the songs

Anonymous said...

hey Tae K. do you think you can put up another link to download just and only the Wonder Girls and Touch the Sky mash up??? cause I don't know how to convert those rar files, and all I really want is that one mash up w/the Wonder Girls. please, can you put up a download for it? please.

Bdubb said...

Can i Request you mash up SNSD's OH and Usher's OH MY GOSH? I think that would be sick as hell! If i knew how to do all this stuff i'd do it myself, but i'll leave it to the pros to do that...

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Axl Shen said...

TKRMX, if you're still around, do you mind re-uploading all of the songs not yet on soundcloud since youtube took your channel down?