Tae K + R0ckstar

Last year, my friend Boyd AKA R0ckstar picked up playing the piano. He would practice in the piano rooms at our school's music department, and take his laptop to record his practice sessions. He played some of the recordings back to me, and we talked about how cool it would be to turn them into some beats...

These are a couple of tracks i did with his recordings back then. They're pretty rough and incomplete, but i thought i'd post them anyways b/c some people i know were asking about them. I always wanted to go back and develop them some more, but i got lazy... The original recordings were done with a laptop mic, so the quality isn't too clean... but it makes the tracks grittier and that much cooler :)

Track 1 (Linkin Park - What I've Done)
The original track is Boyd playing his own piano version of Linkin Park's "What I've Done". You'll hear the original recording kick in at the end.

Track 2 (Bring Me Down)
The original track is Boyd's piano version his other friend's original song "Bring Me Down" (which was a guitar/rock song). So I guess that makes this a third derivative?...

Track 3 (Untitled)
This was an original piece arranged by Boyd. I think he said it was what he played to practice scales.

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