Kid Cudi + Zelda 64 - Day N Nite TKRMX 2 (Great Fairy's Fountain TKRMX 2)

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Kid Cudi - Day N Nite
Zela 64: Ocarina of Time - Great Fairy's Fountain


Zach said...

Hey, Tae K, your mega man 9 mixtape's download link is down, and I have all your music except for that and american gangster for the same reason. Re-up em man I love your stuff but wanna get those last two mixtapes. Thanks.

I love this one though, better than the malice one.

TKRMX said...

NEW MM9TKRMX d/l link:


also on the main MM9TKRMX page.

will reupload the rest later when i get a chance. check back tomorrow! (if you see this today)

Anonymous said...

Hey taek, love your stuff
just letting you know that your justice album is down. I heard some of it over the weekend and i'd love to get my hands on it.

Anonymous said...

You gave me reason to like "Day N Night" since I always thought it was annoying. thank you.

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