Pharrell + Wonder Girls - Drop It Like It's (So) Hot TKRMX


Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell - Drop It Like It's Hot
Wonder Girls - So Hot


Jinyoung87 said...

Bro, how often do you check your stuff on blogger? Any ways i love your mixes I want the full version of this song, its such a good mix ...is there a full version?the one i downloaded was only 20 seconds...and where is your other remix of sf2 guile + cassidy - ima hustla, i use to watch that on youtube all the time now its gone...please can u send me both i love them!

samuel said...

yo dude your fucking i'll your taste in music is exactly like mine it fucking crazy. O not to mention ur mixes are genius. hey im a dude from raps from jersey and im going to Catholic University in D.C. next fall i was wondering if you would mind making some tracks together. my email is sid1022@gmail.com hit me up.