Arcade Mixtape: The Samples

So the Arcade Mixtape has been out for about a week now and I've gotten some good responses on it. BIG THANKS to everyone who downloaded and shared with their friends.

I'm pretty bored at work today... so I thought I'd share some more insight on the mixtape with a list of the video games that were sampled.

How many of them did you recognize off the bat?

01 Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin TKRMX II
Street Fighter II: Character Select

02 Busta Rhymes & Brand Nubian - Let's Dance TKRMX
Street Fighter II: E. Honda's Stage

03 Beastie Boys - Triple Trouble TKRMX
Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's Stage

04 Lil Wayne - A Milli TKRMX
Wizards and Warriors 3: Final Battle

05 T-Pain, Huey, Bow Wow - Pop Lock N Drop It TKRMX

06 Clipse - Mr. Me Too TKRMX II
Zelda 64: Great Fairy's Fountain

07 50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition TKRMX
Shadow Gate

08 Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha TKRMX III
Tetris - Type B

09 Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way TKRMX
Sonic: Green Hill Zone

10 DR. WILY II [young jeezy - and then what TKRMX]
Mega Man II: Dr. Wily Stage

11 CHARGEMAN [kid sister - pro nails TKRMX]
Mega Man V: Chargeman Stage

12 HARDMAN [t.i. - rubberband man]
Mega Man III: Hardman Stage

13 FIREMAN [dead prez - hell yeah TKRMX]
Mega Man: Fireman Stage

14 SNAKEMAN [dmx - get it on the floor TKRMX]
Mega Man III: Snakeman Stage

15 BOSS [biggie - gimme the loot/sucidal thoughts/going back to cali TKRMX]
Mega Man II, III, IV: Boss Stage

16 50 Cent - Amusement Park TKRMX
Wizards and Warriors: Title

17 Eminem, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent - Warrior TKRMX
Zelda 64: Gerudo Valley

18 Fort Minor - Remember The Name TKRMX
Temco World Wrestling

19 Game - One Blood TKRMX II
Mortal Kombat: Fatality

20 Cee-lo & Timbaland - Call Me TKRMX
Shatterhand: Stage Select

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